Such establishments generally consume a lot of power throughout the day. Right from light machinery like fans and lights to heavy equipment like air conditioners, refrigerators and water heaters, triggering extravagant electricity bills.

It is important to note that more often than not, an environmentally conscious approach towards electricity adds value to the property. Not only are there financial savings, but there is also a step taken towards sustainable development, reducing the carbon footprint.

Many early adapters, have invested in superior technology to reduce their power consumption. Whether it’s a switch to LED lighting, more efficient kitchen and laundry equipment, key cards or motion sensors which automatically deactivate power.

Newer constructions have the option of installing solar water heating, solar photovoltaics or both. Solar water-heating is by far the most popular and cost effective option which can produce great savings as well as cut CO² emissions. Hot water is a constant requirement for any industry and this system can reduce the need for conventional water heating by as much as 75%. Furthermore, conventional water heaters, can also be operated using an on grid solar power plant, thus eliminating the need of replacing the existing infrastructure.

Whatever system is employed, energy produced is directly proportional to the quantity of solar panels installed, so space and aesthetics have to be taken into account.

Thus, on grid solar power plants become a no-brainer, as not only do they help in sustainability, but also reduce electricity bills by 90%.

At Go Solar Solutions, we strive to deliver hassle-free Solar Solutions to the Education, Hospitality & Healthcare sectors, while keeping their aesthetics intact and also optimizing the system towards efficiency and cost effectiveness.