On Grid is the Most Common type of Solar Power Plant, connecting Solar to the utility grid can REDUCE electricity bills upto 90%

ON-GRID, GRID-TIED, Utility-interactive and grid back feeding are all terms used to describe the same concept - A Solar Power Plant that is connected to the utility power grid to provide bi-directional flow of power.

This savings factor coupled with the ever increasing electricity tariff rates has driven businesses to adapt to alternative sources of energy.

Industries are generally characterised by massive and heavy duty machinery operating round the clock. Similarly, Commercial Properties are equipped with light to moderately heavy equipment functioning for a fixed number of hours. This automatically translates into heavy electricity bills. Opting for an On Grid Solar Power Plant can considerably reduce, if not completely eliminate this huge expenditure, by bringing down the electricity bill to a bare minimum, along with the added benefit of being a clean and green source of energy.

Solar Energy, being renewable, promotes environmental conservation by eliminating harmful emissions often associated with conventional energy sources and is noise free. Not only does it promote social and environmental consciousness, it is also a ground breaker in facilitating sustainable development for a lot of companies, thus contributing towards their CSR initiatives.

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